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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization – The very mention of the word can invoke fear in most small business owners, and having heard the many horror stories, you can be forgiven for being reluctant to take on the big guys in your industry.

Our founders set out to build their own team of experts that now includes experts in many fields from places like USA, Japan, Europe and Australia. With each member of our team contributing their own expertise, we have been able to develop a process that allows our clients to rank highly, fast, and at very affordable rates.

Our contracts are served on a month to month basis, our exceptional service keeps our clients with us, not a 20 page contract with small print.

With Prices dependant on the level of competition in your industry, we will sit with you and assess your current online presence, analyse your competitors, plan your campaign, and then the work begins.

Having found great success in industries such as Locksmiths, Air conditioning and HVAC, Gyms, Landscapers, Glaziers, Medical and more, we are passionate about making the phone ring for our many trades and services partners.

SEO is not a clearly defined or even entirely understood industry by anyone. Google has a secret algorithm that people (Marketers) do their best to understand through trial and error, which must be satisfied by your website, and its referring domains to allow Google to pass on those all important first page rankings.

Our Process

The majority of our clients come to us and have very outdated websites, which require either drastic overhauling, or sometimes complete rebuilds, to allow us to begin working offsite and moving your ranks up.

The Lead Factory Marketing are committed to using your budget to deliver the most important and cost effective results. Our strategies drastically differ, as every business has its own goals and requirements.

All of our projects are managed by a local account manager and include a monthly face to face meeting to allow us to assess the last months work, and talk you through the work to be done in the coming month.

With our team of experts, we will be taking on the big hitters in your industry with our highly effective strategy. In the months to come YOUR site will be the one spoken about in your industry,this will allow you to focus on what you do best, delivering your product to the consumer.

Some of the most important ranking factors Google uses include, but certainly aren’t limited to

Good Website structure and design

Onpage content

Internal Linking

Page Speed

Mobile Optimiation



To receive your free SEO report including analysis of your top competitors, and what it will take for us to knock them off the top, simply send through an enquiry, and one of our account managers will be in touch.