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Why are we the Premier SEO Company Sydney Australia has to offer?

Here at The Lead Factory we do one thing: connect businesses with more customers. The cool thing is, we do it differently.

Your business isn’t the same as the next, so only a fool would treat it like the competitor down the road. Yet you’ve been seeing a lot of those fools around lately, haven’t you?

“Use this funnel that we also sold to 1,000 other businesses!”

No wonder so many businesses are failing at digital marketing today. The market is too over-saturated with the same basic ploys at getting attention. Luckily for you, your market is taking notice & rejecting the masses. With that being said…

Best SEO Company Sydney Australia
search engine optimisation experts Syndey Australia

What do you think it would do for your business to stand out?

That’s right. You’d be more visible, more attractive, and it would put you on a pedestal in your market.

That’s why at The Lead Factory we meet with every client – including you – face to face. We are simply the best SEO Company in Sydney Australia!

We’ll develop a lead generation strategy that’s tailored to fit your unique business and attract your unique customers.

Then we implement it for you to get your phone ringing, door knocking, and inbox beeping at a new level.

We aren’t just one of the most effective digital marketing agencies in the industry. We’re affordable too.

How we bring you more leads than you can handle

Search Engine Optimisation Expert Services

Our services include (but aren’t limited to):

Website Design

Our websites are designed by marketing professionals with customer conversions, performance, and SEO taken into account BEFORE developing (don’t worry, they look pretty too!). The difference with doing it in this way Is that it can save you months or even years in handing over after a ‘web designer’ to a marketing company who then needs to begin optimising. By maintaining very fast load times, and optimising your onsite from day one, we are giving you the BEST opportunity to convert the people landing on your page. Remember, your page is your businesses home, and your traffic are your guests. Nobody wants to sit on smelly carpet or look at your filthy walls, fix your site TODAY!

Sydney Australia SEO and Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimisation

This has become a dirty word, due to many years of large agencies taking the hard earned dollars of ‘mum and dad’ business owners who knew no better, with almost nothing in return (or worse still, long term damage to their brands).
SEO is what gets your business seen in the online world, and it’s going nowhere. If you are not on the first page of Google, You don’t exist. Your competitors who share the top ranks, are taking almost 90% of traffic. YOU deserve to be there, and with our affordable pricing, and honest and reliable assessment, you will be assured to hear that phone ring in no time. In most cases we charge less than half of our clients old agencies, and deliver up to 10 X the performance. SEO is not hard. The principles remain the same, and we will apply them to your site to get your ranks moving.

Sydney Australia SEO and Marketing Services

Price Per Click

PPC or Google Ads (formerly Adwords) is an advertising platform used by many businesses to ‘jump the queue’ on those ranking organically (SEO). Although it is much more competitive than SEO, it is a good way to prop your business up while your ranks build, or in conjunction with a solid SEO campaign to further increase revenue.
You don’t need to be spending thousands and thousands of dollars a month to be getting results. Your company needs a solid advertising campaign optimised for your customers. A good PPC campaign is aimed at constantly driving down the cost per lead, and in turn, dollars in your pocket.

PPC services in Sydney
Digital Marketing Agency services Sydney Australia

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and other media platforms are all monetized. They make their money through paid ads, that businesses like yours are using to generate revenue, right this second.
Social media is one of the highest engaging media forms today, and its use is constantly growing. As TV ads lose their power, social media goes from strength to strength.
With an ability to target VERY defined audiences, like never seen before, you are able to place your ad, service or offer, in front of EXACTLY the person you want.

A mother of one, recently divorced, who owns a house in the West of Sydney but went to school in Melbourne? EASY.

The power of social media advertising is undeniable, and if you don’t advertise there, your competitors are already targeting your audience and taking your clients.

Digital Marketing Agency services Sydney Australia

IT security / Malware removal services

Modern website development and maintenance is facing a huge problem today due to an increase in cyber-hacking and malware attacks. Malware removal is one of most highly searched phrases nowadays due to its prevalence in the online world.

If you are wondering why hackers are interested in hacking websites and installing malware, the reasons vary and can be totally benign. But in most situations, there are real targets and reasons for the attack. Reasons can range from trying to access private accounts, bank numbers, business information and more.

The fact is – for one reason or another, anybody can be a potential target, and if the attack is successful, immediate action is required. Malware removal must be done immediately to prevent further damages to your website and information.

If you are the victim of a malware attack, you need an expert to fully remove and resolve your issues as soon as possible. A temporarily or inefficiently cleaned hosting space or website can cause the malware infection to return rapidly.


You ready for a Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney that really has your back?

Our SEO Company in Sydney Australia Serves

  • Glaziers
  • Locksmiths
  • Beauticians
  • Gyms, and more…

We love working with trade & service-based businesses. As the premier SEO Company in Sydney Australia, we make generating leads simple.

We’ll determine short and long-term ROI-driven strategies for you – and we implement in a way that gives you your freedom back. Let us generate the leads so you can just do what you’re good at; lifting up your community with the service you provide.

Top SEO Company Sydney Australia

Want to see what we can do for you?

What about that last agency that burned me? How do I know you’re not like them?

Hey, we get it.

You signed a seemingly never-ending contract at a big agency. They made a bunch of big promises and looked legitimate, so of course you gave them a shot at delivering on that huge promise…

Except they never delivered. And they left you feeling like your time & money were wasted.

That’s why with us, you don’t just get a personalized strategy and implementation. You also get special treatment: thorough communication that lets you know exactly what’s going on. No being blindsided with us.

First off, we don’t promise anything we can’t deliver. Our strategies work, but we don’t pretend to carry magic pills.

Once you talk to us and see what we can do for you, here’s how we follow through:

You get to meet face to face with your account manager every month (or more if necessary).

During these meetings?

  • We’ll answer all your questions…
  • Discuss the following month’s plans…
  • And assess and analyze last month’s results.

We leave no stone unturned until we get the results you are looking and paying for. We aim to be the SEO Company Sydney Australia can Trust!

SEO company Sydney Australia

Our process

Contact us

You reach out to us and say you're ready for real help


One of our account managers arranges to meet you in Your City, Australia

Analysis and assessment

We assess and analyze your current online presence and standing with your audience


Our team develops a personalized marketing proposal to meet your needs


We get to work (you relax now and let us handle it)


Your phone starts ringing and you start getting customers in the door

It is THAT simple.

You ready for a Digital Marketing Agency that really has your back?

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